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Letter of Undertaking (LOU) was signed on 29 June 2007 between Ms Ho Peng, Director, Curriculum Planning & Development Division (Director General of Education, 2009), Ministry of Education and Mr Bhajan Singh, President, Board for the Teaching & Testing of South Asian Languages. 

Meet the Parents Session to give feedback on pupils' performance in the Examination

PSLE Seminar cum workshop for Primary 6 students at Da Qiao Primary School was conducted on 14  Sept 2008 to consolidate pupil's learning and preparation for the new syllabus PSLE Examination in 2008.

On Jan 10 2009, a common curriculum will be introduced at the Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi and Gujarati Languages Schools.

The New NTIL National Curriculum was launched on 10th Jan 2009 by the President of the Board for the Teaching & Testing of South Asian Languages. It was followed by a two-day workshop on the use of materials for the teaching and learning of the five NTILs.

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