Live Webcast

The five Non-Tamil Indian languages, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu are under the umbrella of the BTTSAL. The BTTSAL supports the teaching and learning of these five languages through quality education.

We believe that every student is capable of learning his/her mother tongue language with confidence, given the right support. The most effective way of teaching Mother tongue language is through fun activities, which involves greater interaction amongst the teachers and students.

Our teachers’ and MTSOs’ contribution to the development of NTIL learning is paramount. They have designed some sharing sessions to promote the learning among NTIL students.

Other key partners like parents can also help in mother tongue language learning by providing a rich language environment at home. If you are a parent looking for ideas, do check out our Live Webcasts, which contain many fun-filled and simple activities.

We hope that teachers, parents and students will benefit greatly all alike from these live web casts.