About the Programme

e-Symposium Organised by:
Board for the Teaching and
Testing of South Asian
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About the Programme

Welcome to our very first NTIL symposium! We have organised an e-symposium due to the covid-19 situation. We hope this new digital experience will help our students, teachers and parents uncover fresh possibilities for learning NTIL.

With the support of all the Community Groups and some education partners we have incorporated in our programme fun filled sessions and activities. We have seven virtual booths, which displays cultural as well as educational exhibits. You can access these online from the comfort of your home.

BTTSAL offers a range of different programmes to support students in the learning of the mother tongue. In this aspect, our teachers showcase teaching practices by engaging students in the learning of the language. You will see highlights of these reflected in our programme.

This e-symposium is also a platform to celebrate and recognize the efforts, successes and achievements of students and teachers!