Presentation of Certificates


Singapore Polytechnic Team

Ms. Lim Lee Yee

School of Life Skills & Communication Singapore Polytechnic

Mr. Tan Kok Chee

Lead (Continuing Education & Training)
School of Life Skills & Communication Singapore Polytechnic

May Wee Bee Lin

Senior Lecturer
School of Life Skills & Communication Singapore Polytechnic

Cyrine Joosa

Full-time Specialist
School of Life Skills and Communication Singapore Polytechnic

Certificate of Performance in Coaching
Ms Lim Lee Yee is Director of the School of Life Skills and Communication, Singapore Polytechnic. The school of Life Skills and Communication is committed to develop critical & creative thinkers, confident communicators and self-directed learners ready for life at different stages of their careers.

Life skills and communication skills are critical in any industry. The training course enables professionals to better navigate the changing work environment, upskill and adapt to new job demands. This is the very reason why BTTSAL has sourced Singapore Polytechnic to work with BTTSAL to plan and customise an effective training programme for our NTIL teachers.

Ms. Lim Lee Yee and her team have prepared a meaningful course work for NTIL teachers. The training is particularly appreciated by several of our trainees.

How the training started
The Board of Teaching and Testing of South Asian Languages (BTTSAL) learned about Singapore Polytechnic (SP)’s Certificate of Performance in Coaching (CoPC) course from SINDA and arranged to meet LSC’s Lead (Continuous Education & Training) to find out more about how Singapore Polytechnic could customise a similar course for NTIL teachers.

Objectives of training
The 100-hour CoPC course trains participants to be adept in using a variety of coaching approaches to meet desired learning outcomes and learner needs based on fundamentals of language development and acquisition in a social cultural context. The mode of training is blended learning, comprising in-person sessions and e-learning. The trainees are to complete presentations, case studies, role plays, written reflections and workplace learning to fulfil the robust course requirements.

Curriculum Structure and WPL Component
The following modules are designed for the trainees:

  1. Understanding Learner and Learning (ULL)
  2. Curriculum Principles and Framework (CPF)
  3. Coaching Strategies (CS)
  4. Workplace Learning Project (WPL) ,which aims to:
    • raise trainees’ awareness of coaching strategies
    • help trainees acquire key coaching skills under guidance of supervisor
    • develop trainees as reflective practitioners

Grit of NTIL Teachers for attending the training and working at the same time
The first 2 cohorts of NTIL Teachers, who already have both work and personal commitments, are an admirable batch of trainees who showed willingness to learn and to excel. The trainees

With support of BTTSAL, the guidance of the supervisors, the trainers and the trainees’ positive attitude, determination and perseverance, the trainees have successfully completed their CoPC course in March 2021.